• Dr. Sonia Gupta

  • Prinka

  • Ms. M. Dasgupta
  • My case was a 12 years plus related to the DV Act. It was in absolute doldrums and I was extremely anxious and tense that I would definitely lose my case. At that point of time, I met Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor who exuded quiet confidence and a state of calmness to smoothen my frayed nerves.
    My case file was humongous and complicated. However Adab and his team were superbly efficient from day one in his legal presentation of my case. What came to stead was Mr. Kapoor's excellent knowledge of the law, his calm disposition and firm but polite communication skills which enabled him to convey his argument eloquently to the Judge amidst the din and aggression of my ex-husband.
    What further impressed me was that his openness "to listen". As I was familiar with my case, he considered each of my suggestions, apprehensions and recommendations, wherever it was required in my case. On the flip side he spent a lot of time in explaining the legal procedure and what to expect. This was extremely helpful and prepared me well for all my court appearances.
    Adab is also very astute and intelligent. He can think out of the box, prompt is taking additional legal measures to ensure that his client gets expeditious justice. What was also remarkable was that he was always punctual in his court appearances and on the rare occasions he could not appear, he ensured that his team was well informed to represent me.
    In a short span of a little more than a year, Adab gave me a victorious closure to my DV Act case with a settlement I was extremely happy with and a divorce decree.
    I highly recommend with Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor as a versatile, good and knowledgeable lawyer who is also a very kind and humorous soul. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors. Thanks & Regards
    Ms. M. Dasgupta

  • Mrs Kiran Sarna
  • Mr Adab Singh Kapoor has tremendous litigation skills. I've never known another lawyer more prepared or focused. He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case, which of course, makes him extremely tough to beat. He's also one of the most ethical lawyers I've ever know. I strongly recommend Mr Adab Singh Kapoor for his highly ethical and professional representation of clients. He is truly a superb lawyer in our community."
    Thanks & Regards Mrs Kiran Sarna New Delhi

  • Anu Dhawan

  • N.R.Vaid

  • Dr. Manisha

  • I was fighting a contentious matrimonial dispute against an extremely wealthy and influential husband residing in a foreign jurisdiction. I came to Adab Singh Kapoor and Associates, after being pained at the manner in which my cases were being handled for months.This was despite copious evidence in my favour.However, Adab and his team turned it around in my favour and brought the cases to an end in a short duration. Adab,as a lawyer is very confident and knowledgeable. He has excellent court craft and above all is a thorough gentleman. I am grateful to him and his team for being a pillar of strength to me through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and for placing my life back on track Victim of Domestic Violence


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