About Us

We would all agree that entering into litigation is not the most pleasurable experience. With huge costs, delays, uncertainties attached and strained relationships between friends, relatives, companies etc, one would rather avoid getting into it. At, Adab Singh Kapoor & Associates, we empathize with our clients and strive to provide legal solutions in their best interest. We feel responsible for the clients taking our services and endeavour to provide results to their complete satisfaction. In doing so, we build and maintain strong client relationships. Our practice extends across diverse areas of law in various forums and jurisdictions. We are confident that our approach towards handling matters would continue to attract a wide spectrum of clients, whether individuals, start-ups, institutional or multi-national.

Presently, we have a team of 5 lawyers, from leading law schools, who are trained in handling litigation and corporate advisory services.

As we grow, with the faith entrusted in us by our clients and with our experience in handling complex matters in diverse fields, we will soon be a force to reckon with and figure amongst the most sought after law firms in India.



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